Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Things I Want To Do This Fall

I got the flu yesterday which isn´t that cool because being sick sucks. But on the other hand I got to stay at home and I didn´t have to go to school, yay! And while I was being cuddled up in my bed and sipping on my tea, it got me thinking about all the things I want to do this fall. So I created this little list.

Make my room "fall-ish" - I´ve already taken down all of my summer decorations and now it´s time for fall room decor! I got into decorating my room only a few months ago so I don´t really have much fall themed room decor. But maybe by changing up my pillows and blankets I can create a more cozy and fall-ish vibe in my room. Also there are so many cool DIYs out there so I might try out a few of these... Maybe I´ll do a blogpost about room decor in the future ;)

Stay fit - The upcoming holidays in fall and also winter will probably bring a lot of food and sweets with them so maybe it´s not that bad to start exercising and jogging while the weather still allows that.

 Read at least 2 books this month - When I was younger I used to read a lot but when getting into middle school and high school I read less and less which is actually really sad just because reading is so fun. I´ve always been one of those people who gets really involved when reading, like I would really feel the thrill with the main character and if there were sad parts I would cry so many times... (I think I can´t count the amount of tissues I needed while reading Insurgent...) well anyways. I just want to try to read more this fall. Maybe in front of the window, when it´s raining and with a cup of tea...

 Bake cookies and pies - I´m not that great at baking or cooking. My mother is kind of a good cook and so is my sister. I guess that I´m just not blessed with that talent but still I find baking really cool! Particularly when you are done with the baking and you look at the result and you can be really proud of what you´ve done. (Also you can eat it afterwards so :D)

Carve a pumpkin- I know this is kind of a silly one but even when I was little we never used to do this and I did it last year and it was really fun so I really want to do it this year as well. 

Have a sleepover with my best friends - Me and my best friends don´t go to the same school anymore (we used to in elementary school.) Sadly we don´t see each other that often so I think it would be really cool if we did a sleepover where we cook dinner together, do some catch up and watched some films together. We could also do like a pamper night or something like that...

Draw again - I love drawing and creating things, but lately I didn´t pick up the pencil that often even though I had lots of time! I´m hoping that fall with all its different colors and looks will inspire me to draw again, because I do miss it.

Paulina, xoxo

Monday, 24 August 2015

My Summer Favorites

Sadly summer is coming to its end and all of us have to go back to school again. But at the same time I´m really looking forward to fall. Actually I can´t wait to decorate my room for fall, read a good book whilst being snuggled up in a blanket and rain is knocking on my window. Oh wow, that sounded cheesy... Anyways, I thought I´d share the things that I´ve been loving this summer with you…

Birkenstocks Mayari

First thing I have are these faux patent leather Birkenstocks (this pair is called Mayari).Everyone has a different opinion on them. Some people love them and some people hate them. I belong to the group of people who love them! I thought about getting them for a long time because I wasn´t sure if I would be able to pull them off. In the end I´m really happy that I got them. Since then I hardly wore any other shoes to be honest haha. They are just so comfortable to walk in and I find them really easy to throw on with nearly every outfit.

 Dainty Little Angel Wing Necklace

My friend gifted me this beautiful necklace for my confirmation and this summer I´ve been wearing it a lot. It´s just so delicate and light and gives an outfit an elegant touch. In summer I don´t like the feeling of heavy and big necklaces on my skin. Especially when i´m sweating. So this necklace was just perfect for me. Thanks again Emely <3

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

 I have really light and thin lashes so not every mascara works for me. But this one definitely does! It just makes my lashes look way fuller and gives them a lot of volume, even if I just use one coat. Also it´s Waterproof so that was good for summer when going to the pool. The only negative thing I can say about it that removing it was a little harder and took me longer than the other mascaras I had owned before.

Calvin Klein Downtown Perfume
I actually got this perfume for my mother on mothers day after we had found it on one of our shopping sprees. Since I really like it I´ve been using it every now and then (btw she doesn't mind haha :D. ) I´m really bad at describing scents but I´ll try my best. It smells like, I don´t know, walking over a field with flowers. The scent smells quite sweet and with a hint of citrus. What I really like is that it´s a very light and subtle scent... just perfect for summer. 

L´Oreal Eyebrow Pencil

I just started filling in my eyebrows and I was experimenting with different eyebrow shapes and I was still looking for the perfect shade. Before I got this pencil, I was using one that was slightly too dark for me. Now that I got this one I´ve finally found the perfect colour! It´s a light brown, nearly blonde shade and matches my brows perfectly. I really like that you can achieve a very natural look with the pencil but you are also able to go bold (even though I´m not going for bold brows that often). LOVE!

Essence Lipstick in Cool Nude

I was looking for a nude lipstick and I really don´t know why I didn´t discover this product earlier! I got it when I went shopping with my friend and she introduced me to it. I instantly fell in love with the colour, which matches my natural lip colour pretty well, and the texture feels amazing on my lips. Also I find the packaging looks quite nice...

White Nail Polish

I don´t wear nail polish that often. I´m not the best one at applying it and I´m always too inpatient to let it dry completely, so I often ruin it by touching things. Well, when I did decide to wear nail polish this summer I always reached for this white one by Kiko… It has a nice opacity and looks really lovely on my nails. And I know that this one is actually a tip whitener for French Nails. But this one wasn´t as expensive as the "real" white nail polish :)

That is it for my summer favourites. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know what your summer favourites are in the comments below :)

Paulina xoxo

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Diary | A Little Trip

 So a few days ago I went on a little two day trip to visit my godparents.
 Since they don´t live that near I´m not able to see them that often. Therefore I was really excited to meet them again. My godfather co owns a gyro copter (quite similar to a helicopter just a little smaller and less expensive. Just google it if you are interested) so he took me on a flight with him. I had already been on a flight with him before but this time we flew a little longer and over a river. It was such a great experience, even better than the last time. As soon as we had started and had gained some height the streets, cars, houses and people got smaller and smaller and the earth looked like one big patchwork rug. The sounds of the busy city became silent and the only noises you were able to hear were the wind and the engine of the gyro copter. I found it very relaxing to take a break from everyday life and I genuinely enjoyed our flight.
 I wanna share a few of the pictures I took with you...

After arriving at my godparents´ apartment we spent some time together. They are in the process of building a new house, so they showed me a few plans of the rooms and we talked about this and that. We cooked dinner and later in the evening we played at cards. I stayed the night on one of those sofas, which you can turn into a bed. Even though it might sound uncomfortable, I actually slept very well.

The next morning my godfather made some pancakes for breakfast and I had a little cup of tea on the balcony. It was really lovely! The sun had just risen and it was already quite warm. After breakfast we went on a hike in the forest where we took some pictures for a project that my godparents are supporting.  

Later that day we met up in a near city with my parents. We walked around the pedestrian area and along the river that ran through the city, got some ice cream and did some shopping. I also tried to teach my mother how to take a decent selfie, which didn´t quite work out. Well at least I tried right?
In the evening we had a lovely dinner in the backyard of a small restaurant that we found in one of the streets. It had such a calming, peaceful and romantic vibe. It made you feel as if you were on vacation in Italy or something like that! And the food was delicious...